Virtual Prayer Meeting

Each Wednesday night at 7PM we will gather together to pray as a body over different areas of life, such as medical professionals, the economy, teachers, community leaders, and local/national decision makers.

If you would like to join our prayer meeting this week, contact Pastor Matt at

VCRC Youth Group

S.O.A.P.(w) Challenge

Join us this summer as we encourage one another in daily reading and study of God's word.

S: Scripture - Pick a scripture based on the readings that stands out to you

O: Observation - What are things that stand out to you, base on this scripture? Write it down, maybe what you feel the Lord is impressing on your heart.

A: Application - How can you apply what you've learned to your life?

P: Prayer - Pray out loud or write it out...even if it feels weird.

(w): Wash yo Hands - Stay safe, stay healthy.

For more information, contact Tim Wolff at

Women of Grace Summer Reading Plan

The Summer Reading Plan will focus on enriching our understanding of who God is and how we should respond to Him.
Our goals will be:

  1. To read through the book of Psalms in which “God the Great King provides the words of lament and praise that are appropriate responses to Him.”
  2. To read "None Like Him: 10 Ways God is different from us (and why that’s a good thing)” by Jen Wilkin. This book will help us explore 10 attributes of God that are true only of Him, giving us insights that will help us better understand what the Bible has to say about who God is and why that matters for us.

For more information, contact our main office at