• One person used their money to make cards available for those who like to write notes of comfort and encouragement.
  • A couple different people used their money to buy chickens and other animals through World Vision.
  • Still another used his money to provide Bibles for people he visits in jail.
  • A couple cadet leaders teamed up to buy non-perishables with the groups they lead. Those groceries helped The Rescue Mission.
  • An on-going small group has built a relationship with the cashier at their designated meeting place. She has even attended our church on a couple occasions. She was helped through their pooled money to further her education and help with her bills as a single mom.
  • One family used their money to buy fleece and made blankets which were handed out to residents of Westgate & Linwood Garden Rest Homes during their Christmas caroling field trip.
  • One couple gave their money to Aspiranet Agency who place children into foster care.

These are just a few stories trickling in. If you have a story to share about the Thanksgiving Envelopes, please let us know. We love to see how this is impacting people.

Talents for the Kingdom

Proverbs 3:9 says, "Honor the Lord with your wealth (another translation says substance), with the first fruits of all your crops." Pastor Joel issued a challenge for the congregation to use their talents to further the Kingdom of God.