Facilities expansion plans

It is a very exciting time in our church’s history, as not only have we decided to expand our church’s facility, but we have such a large portion of the congregation in agreement that this is the right path for Visalia CRC! The natural next step after this decision is to start fundraising.

If we can reach a level of widespread giving, combined with the $2,800,000 we already have on hand, the church would not have to incur any debt! We ask that you join us in prayerful consideration to support this fundraising endeavor.  Please reach out to the church administration or a council member if there are any questions.


Stripe Online Payment Processing Center services our online donations. Stripe has two different transaction fees for donations made.  The fees are:

Credit & Debit Cards: 2.3%+$0.30 Per Transaction

ACH (bank transfer): $0.25 Per Transfer

Stripe has no setup fees, no contracts, and no termination fees. There are two different ways the fee can be covered. 

The fee deducted from the amount donated: VCRC will receive the donation minus the fee. 

The fee added to the amount donation: You can choose to check the box to cover the fee when you make a donation. Your total will be the donation + the fee and VCRC will receive the full donation amount.  

Thank You for your Donation!