ways to serve

Serving Opportunities

As a response to the free gift of grace in Jesus Christ, we respond with gratitude by mobilizing and serving one another and those in need. By serving one another we are serving God. There are many ministries that could use your gifts and talents. Some of the places you could plug into are our Sunday Hospitality Ministries, Children's Ministries, Youth Ministries, or Worship Teams. If you are interested in getting plugged into one of our ministries contact info@visaliacrc.com to get more information. 



Arrive about 15 minutes before the service begins to welcome all at the door.

Coffee Servers

10 minutes prior to the end of the service, wheel the coffee cart from the kitchen and transfer all to the outdoor coffee bar. Greet those who pick up a cup of coffee.

Information Booth

Arrive early to the service and hand out bulletins to all and assist with any questions or directions they may have. The information booth is located right outside of the sanctuary.


Arrive early to the service and procure bulletins to hand out to any in need within the sanctuary as well as help individuals find seats as they arrive.


Arrive early to service and procure a vest and walkie talkie before patrolling the property to ensure the safety of all in attendance.


We value supporting community organizations, ministries, and schools with our time, talents, and finances. Here are some of the organizations that we involved with and support.

KIDS HOPE USA & Veva Blunt Elementary School: An adult is paired with one child and they meet for one hour each week through the school year. Mentors are there to help with schoolwork and give a child some personalized attention. Each mentor also has a someone who is praying for them and the student they mentor. 

THE WAREHOUSE MINISTRY shares the love of Christ with the least, the last and the lost. The Warehouse cares for the least, the last, and the lost through providing food, water in the heat of the summer, warming shelter in the cold of the winter, Bible Studies, and any other needs that come through their doors. To find out how you can be involved with The Warehouse contact thewarehousevisalia@gmail.com